Why on the fly?

A post by Five Spice

ImageFive String and I met on a plane while traveling to Costa Rica. While abroad we had many adventures together as we toured Costa Rica and parts of Nicaragua. Both of us would have loved to continue to explore Central America but work and school forced us to put our backpacks aside for a while. However, even though school, work and starting a family took center stage the travel bug never went away. We both knew that we wanted to introduce our children to travel and share its rewarding experiences as a family. Of course coming up with a concrete plan or even a general timeline was difficult as we welcomed our three children into the world in just five years. However, once High Five had arrived and our family was complete we started to transition from baby mode and back into travel mode.

Over this past year we decided to dramatically lessen our material possessions and commit to being a somewhat nomadic family. We also made the decision to home school (road school) the kids. To begin with we will travel for three months of the year, starting this June with our Having Fun on Route 1 trip. Then beginning in September we will rent a furnished house in Maine for nine months. We are hoping that 3 months of traveling and 9 months off the road will help us smoothly transition into becoming a traveling family. Then once the kids are a bit older we can regroup and hopefully begin a more full-time traveling lifestyle.

So far we are all very excited for what is to come. We are all most excited to have more time with Five String as he leaves his full-time teaching job for an online educator position that he can do from home or the road. However, preparing to leave our home of the past 6 years has been a daunting task for us all. This is the only house that the kids have ever know and it is overwhelming at times for them to imagine themselves not returning to it. For Five String and I we have been completely overwhelmed and kicked in the butt in our struggle to dramatically downsize our possessions (material for another post). However, as the days to our departure lessen we are all excited to take this plunge together as a family. We definitely know that things won’t always go smoothly or according to plan (what day does when you have three kids) but we are all ready to face those experiences together and to truly start living, loving and learning on the fly.


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