Mixing It Up on the Road

by Five String

Music is an important part of the Fives household.  We spend much of our day listening to music, and you never know when a spontaneous dance party will break out on our makeshift dance floor (the living room).

Music is especially important for car trips. Songs from the Muppet Show, Sesame Street, and Schoolhouse Rock are our soundtracks as we run errands in town or drive to the lake for a swim.  These trips also provide valuable lessons in sharing and negotiation. “No, High Five, we can’t listen to the Muppet Theme Song again. We’ve already heard it six times in a row!”  “Five Ball, we can listen to your Angry Song (“Highway Star”) after we finish “Three is a Magic Number” and “Four Legged Zoo.”  You get the idea.

We mark important events by creating a mix, and everyone contributes his or her favorite songs to the final CD.  Our holiday tradition includes creating a mix combining Christmas favorites and songs we’ve enjoyed throughout the year.  We then pull out all the stops for a Christmas Eve Dance Party (with an encore performance on New Year’s Eve).

As our upcoming trip down Route 1 is a pretty big deal for us, you can image we have been putting a lot of thought into creating the perfect mix.  We hope you enjoy each of our our favorite contributions to the mix.

High Five

Five Ball

Five of Hearts

Five Spice

Five String

What are your favorite songs for a road trip? Leave a comment to share your picks!


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