Our War on Stuff

Since we have owned our house Five Spice has worked tirelessly to keep our possessions at bay. She was always on the watch for broken toys, unused gifts and needless dust collectors. However, her efforts had to be redoubled this past February when we decided to sell our house and this time she recruited the rest of the Fives to lend a hand. For the past four months we have explored the depths of our closets and fearlessly faced the recesses of our junk drawers. We have all been forced to take a good hard look at what we own and question whether it is worthy of the endless cycle of packing and repacking that will be part of our new life on the fly.

After 108 eBay auctions, 97 books and CDs sold on Amazon, 12 Craigslist transaction, 7 trips to Goodwill, and 1 massive estate sale, we were left with two piles of stuff.



One pile would be traveling with us this summer and needed to fit into our Mazda 5.






The other pile was going into a 5×15 storage unit until September.




This past Saturday the Fives came face to face with these two piles as we pushed, shoved, and squeezed them into their respective vehicles (the Mazda 5 and a 14 ft. UHaul).


At the end of the day each Five came away with a different perspective on these choosen items that managed to escape the proverbial yard sale or donation chopping block. Some wanted to throw our storage key into the Atlantic Ocean and never look back.




Others tried desperately to smuggle one last book across enemy lines (as much as she loves to read Five Spice refuses to turn the passenger seat into a mobile library).  In the end we all agreed that there are no winners in the war against stuff, just two tired parents and three cranky kids.


Do you have any tips on how to keep the upper hand on your possession?


One thought on “Our War on Stuff

  1. I so feel your pain. We struggle with storage every time we travel. Honestly, I think it may be the hardest part of traveling.

    I’m in awe of the fact all five of you can travel in a Mazda 5. There are four of us in a Nissan XTerra SUV and it’s tight! 🙂

    I’ll be following your adventures. Sounds like you’ll be having an amazing time.

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