Backyard Bunnies

by Five of Hearts & Five Ball


Five of Hearts: We are very excited to see a lot of nature on our trip this summer.

Five Ball: I want to see an alligator. Maybe it will attack us.

Five of Hearts: I also want to see an alligator but I am a bit scared.

Five Ball: We are going to miss our bunnies. I like how they hop.

Five of Hearts: What I like is that they are really interesting to watch. That they don’t run away from me and that they are really cute.

Five Ball: We see them a lot in the summer. Did you know that they are white in the winter?

Five of Hearts: They have pointy ears, are brown in the summer and white in the winter.

Five Ball: They come in the morning and night. I think that they sleep the rest of the time.

Five of Hearts: They only like fresh clover. They won’t eat the clover that we pick for them.

Five Ball: They run back to their holes when they get scared.

And a word from High Five: Bun, Bun, Bun!!!



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