Around and Around

Papoose Pond – Waterford, Maine


After a long day of tying up loose ends we chose to spend our first night camping relatively close to home. Papoose Pond is a family friendly campground with a large variety of campsites. They have everything from your basic tent site to full housekeeping cottages.


Our favorite are the hutnicks that sit right on the pond. They feature a covered porch with full cooking area (stove and sink) and a two room cabin with bunkbeds. This trip we opted for a basic site way in the back of the campground. After all the chaos of the last few days we needed some decompression time.


However, we still headed over to the pavilion where the kids were super excited to take advantage of the free carousel rides. By far one of the coolest features of Papose Pond is their old fashioned carousel. Rides cost a meager 75 cents but in honor of Father’s Day they were free. The kids would have rode around and around all night but fortunately the allure of our first campfire brought them back to solid ground. Tomorrow promises to be a fine day for checking out the pool but for now we will all fall asleep with the sounds of carosel music going around and around in our heads.

The Fives Rating – 4 out of 5


2 thoughts on “Around and Around

  1. I thought I’d say “hello”. It sounds as though you must live not too far away. My husband and I have a summer cottage on Long Lake in Naples. Nice weather at last for your camping trip…enjoy.

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