Camel Brook Camps


After exiting Baxter State Park at the northern gate we were dirty, covered in dust and black fly bites and out of water. We needed a place to stay where we could wash and rehydrate. We pushed the limits of the kid’s car ride tolerance and made it to Fort Kent, Maine where we found a public library with Wi-Fi. While the kids happily read (except for High Five who was rather put out that they didn’t have any Maisy books) we searched for a place to spend the night. The Google search Gods were good to us and we found an obscure Fort Kent lodging page that listed Camel Brook Camps as a lodging option with cabins. It looked like the perfect match and we set off down the road, twice as we got lost the first time.

Camel Brook Camps is exactly what we were hoping for and more. We ended up in a cabin with four bunks and a double bed. The cabin has a fully stocked kitchen (hot plate, sink, small refrigerator) and a wonderfully hot shower with great water pressure. The cabins sit overlooking a field with wild strawberries and Camel Brook is just a short walk away. After unloading our gear we put on swim suits and went to check out the brook. The owner’s had suggested a spot under a wooden bridge where the kids splashed around and got wet. There were plenty of moose tacks to marvel at and some plants that we had never seen before. After hot showers, a good meal, and a little PBS Kids (the cabin has satellite and Wi-Fi) we were all excited to climb into the super comfertable beds. All except for Five Ball who opted to take a header out of his onto the floor sending us rushing for the ice pack and leaving him with a rather impressive goose egg on his head. Five Ball has a long history of taking headers off hotel beds and it doesn’t appear that cabins are any exception. Inspite of this our stay at Camel Brook Camps recharged our batteries (litteraly).


The Fives Rating: 4 out of 5


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