Out of the Woods


Five String has always wanted to take the Fives to Baxter State Park. Since it is on the way to Fort Kent we decided to spend a couple of days in the park before we started on US Route 1. The timing of our visit couldn’t have been better as we arrived on Father’s Day. If you have ever wanted to experience the Maine wilderness then Baxter is the place to go. It was set aside by former Maine Governor Percival Baxter as a primitive park that should always remain wild. There is no electricity, no running water and no paved roads.


It is home to Maine’s highest peak, MT Katahdin, countless hiking trails, untouched wilderness areas as well as pristine lakes, rivers and streams. The goal of the park is to keep the area wild with minimal impact from visitors. The park maintains a carry in-carry out policy, and pets, motorcycles and large vehicles are prohibited. We decided to take the single lane, dirt road that connects the southern and northern park gates.


At a maximum speed of only 20mph we were able to get a sense of the natural beauty and numerous recreational opportunities that the park offers. Baxter State Park is definetely a destination that we will be returning to with each of the Fives already requesting their favorite trail, lake or campground to return to. Five String said that there couldn’t be a more perfect place to spend Father’s Day.

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