Roaring Brook Campground


Our first night in the Baxter State Park we were lucky enough to get a lean-to site at Roaring Brook campground. We didn’t make reservations which is not recommended during peak times or if you want to stay in a particular campground. Therefore we were super excited to get to spend the night in a 6 person lean-to right on Roaring Brook.


The kids had a blast playing at the edge of the brook and watching the resident deer as they ate and drank on the opposite bank. We all enjoyed a lovely campfire of cedar wood and the kids were out like lights as soon as we zipped them into their individual tents (PeaPods by KidCo).


The next morning we explored the trail around Sandy Pond. Before heading out on our walk the very friendly ranger set the kids up with a nature pack. The pack was put together by the Baxter State Park naturalist and is full of several nature guides, a pair of binoculars, a sketch pad, bug boxes and even a net for use at the pond. Five of Hearts did a great job carrying the heavy pack as we explored the trail. We were able to see White Tailed deer, an American Bullfrog, and a mother Golden Eyed Duck with seven babies. It was great to use the guides in the pack to help us identify these species. Roaring Brook had everything that we could have hoped for in a campground and we will definetely be back.

The Fives Rating: 5 out of 5


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