South Branch Campground


Our second day in Baxter State Park started out chilly but soon the sun was out and we were presented with another gorgeous day to explore the park. After giving the kids some much needed nap time while we drove the Tote Road we ended up at South Branch Campground at the northern end of the park. The campground sits on South Branch Pond and has great views of Traveler Mountain. As soon as they were out of the car the kids were down at the water exploring the rocky beach. After a quick lunch and tent set up we checked out another adventure pack from the ranger and headed off on a trail around the pond. The trail proved to be more mud then we were up to and we were soon back to the pond where we were all content to spend the afternoon. That is until the black flies came out and chased us into our tent where we were held hostage eating oatmeal and reading Harry Potter. We finally got up the courage to run to the picnic table to brush our teeth but a swarm of flys  chased us right back in again. We were all eager to break camp the next day and leave our flying friends far behind.


The Fives Rating: 3 out of 5


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