Move over Great Lakes…It’s Grand Lake


Admittedly, Grand Lake isn’t nearly as big as any of the Great Lakes. And in a gallon for gallon rumble, well, no contest.  I can say though that driving down Route 1 between Houlton and Caribou, Grand Lake is impressive. Stretching across several Maine towns, and even more on the Canadian side, Grand Lake was a welcomed escape from the sweltering wind that had been propeling us southward.

The younger Fives had been dreaming of a pool all afternoon as we washed, dried, and folded our mountain of laundry in a laundromat in Presque Isle. They were not disappointed a few hours later when we pulled into the Greenland Cove Campground in Danforth. We skipped making camp and went straight for the heated pool, still refreshing compared to the outside air. After a quick dinner and some basketball on the court next to our tent area, we made full use of the sandy beach and docks, which were perfect for jumping into the rolling waves. Tired from working so hard to stay cool, we snuggled in our tent to the call of loons bobbing on their own great lake.

The Fives Rating: 4 out of 5


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