Serendipitous Seals


The great part of not having a hard and fast itinerary is that we get to stop whenever the mood strikes us. These impromtu stops often present wonderous results. The other day we didn’t quite make our projected lunch destination when we needed to let the kids out of the car for some exercise. Fortunately only a mile up the road was Fort Edgecomb State Park. The park is the site of a small fort built in the 1800’s. The size and the building design were a great contrast to Fort Kent which brought up some great discussions. The grounds sit directly on the water and there were plenty of grassy picnic places to choose from. After letting the kids run off some energy and enjoying a picnic lunch we explored the old wooden block house. The park ranger was very helpful and let us know that there were seals in the water just off the point. Five Spice was bound and determined to see a seal and after a few minutes of searching her efforts paid off. Soon we were all watching as the seal’s head bobbed in and out and Five Ball tried desperately to keep any oncoming boats away. For those of you who visit Popham Beach (Nana) or Reid State Park we highly recommend a stop off at Fort Edgecomb and if you do see some seals make sure that you say hi for us.



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