Circus by the Sea

One of the best parts of driving Route 1 are the surprises that meet us along the way. When we drove through Charlestown, Rhode Island we couldn’t help but notice the large, wooden signs shaped like an apple advertising that the Big Apple Circus was in town. We are very familiar with the Big Apple Circus as they used to come every year to a large field just across the river from Five Spice’s hometown. However, just as we started having kids to take to the circus the Big Apple stopped coming to the area each summer. We knew that they made a stop in Rhode Island but we couldn’t believe our luck when we found ourselves in the right place at the right time to catch a show. We opted for the early Sunday show and found it to be everything that we had hoped for and more.


All the seats at this one ring circus are pretty great but from experience we opted for seats in the mezzanine so we could have a great view in case the show included a trapeze act. To our delight there was a trapeze act and it even featured a little girl who soared through the air, amazing the kids and leaving the moms white knuckled. Five of Hearts is an aspiring trapeze artist, so this was by far the highlight of the show for her. Five Ball on the other hand was blown away by the juggler and has already put in a request for a costume like his when we are reunited with our sewing machine. High Five enjoyed clapping heartily and impressed us all by making it through the two hour performance without a glitch.

The Big Apple Circus does a great job of playing to all ages and keeping the audience’s attention without any lulls. We were really greatful to get to enjoy the show all together and to introduce the kids to this spectacular circus. If you ever have the chance to catch them on tour or in Boston highlyrecommed that you take in a show.



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