Best Laid Plans


After leaving the Mystic Seaport we booked it to Hammonasset State Park in Madison, CT. We were lucky that they had a few campsites still open for the night. The campground was extremely clean with a great staff and extensive facilities including dishwashing sinks and recycling. We put off setting up the tent and opted to head to one of the three ocean beaches that are part of the park. It was after returning from the beach that we realized that all three kids had come down with a head cold and were all extremely tired and cranky. Needless to say it was a rough night that included crying, groaning and the occasional scream. Our camp neighbors must have been pleased when at 5am we threw in the towel, put the kids in the car, and hit the road. We had planned on making it to New York City and were greatful for the early head start but definitely could have used a little more sleep.


All in all the drive through this highly congested stretch of Route 1 from Central Connecticut to New York City went pretty smoothly. We had planned on stopping for a break at the Rye, New York Nature Center only to find it occupied by day campers. Fortunately we found an alternate picnic site just down the road at the Post Road Market, where we refueled and had some great parking lot conversations with the friendly locals. From there we traversed straight through the Bronx and over the George Washington Bridge. The kids forgot about their stuffy noses as they took in the many sights and sounds from bodegas to street side protests. As always Five String gets major props for seemlessly navigating the Mazda5 through the twists and turns that finally spit us out at our New Jersey hotel. Not exactly the most memorable of days but one that nonetheless carried us a little further down Route 1.


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