Twists and Turrets

For the most part we are sticking to Route 1 for our entire journey to Key West. However, along the way we have a few people that we would like to visit who are a short detour away. As soon as we crossed the border from New Jersey to Pennsylvania we were near Five String’s home town and decided to take the opportunity to visit with his family. We arrived in the middle of a heat wave so it was very nice to be able to catch up with relatives while the kids splashed in his aunt and uncle’s pool. We found a lovely grassy spot to pitch our tent near his parents’ garden and were super impressed with the proximity to a bathroom. They even brought out an extension cord so we could plug in a fan to try and cool the tent down at night. This was definitely a Five Star campground, not to mention the gourmet meals coming out of the kitchen.


While in the area we were excited to finally get to check out a unique playground known as Kids Castle that we had stumbled across while searching online. Located a short drive from Pop & Nona’s, the younger Fives figured that we were just taking them to your average playground. They were flabergasted when we pulled up to an actual wooden castle built just for kids. It is a very impressive structure, even to an adult, and is filled with twists, turns and secret passages. The tunnel slide, that was at least three stories high, was a huge hit with Five Ball and Five of Hearts as they raced their way through the castle again and again to take the plunge down. High Five enjoyed the area just off of the castle that was built for little guys but was still just as imaginative.


If it weren’t for the increasing heat of the day we could have spent hours more not only exploring the castle but also checking out the pirate ship, wooden theater, space ship and tree house. By far this is the best outdoor play space that the Fives have visited. It was clean, well managed and offered endless options to keep every age kid busy. If you ever find yourself in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, we definitely recommend making a stop off at Kids Castle at the Doylestown Park.


One thought on “Twists and Turrets

  1. Thanks for the high rating. It was great to see you all. Will be monitoring you progress.

    Pop and Nona Camping Grounds

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