Changing Lanes


Leaving Jersey city we not only found ourselves in the middle of a heat wave but also found ourselves in some fast flowing traffic. Up until this point Route 1 had either meandered through the country or had been stop and go through busy city streets. Now however we found ourselves flying along on a virtual express lane that was at times four lanes wide. Back in Maine this would be considered a super highway but through New Jersey and Pennsylvania this seemed to be the norm. As we skirted downtown Philadelphia Route 1 even seperated into local and express lanes.


Route 1 wasn’t the only thing that changed as the kids got their first look at huge tracts of row houses and supermarkets that they had never heard of before. Even Five String was surprised at how much the area had built up as he pointed out one of the houses where he used to live. Now that we have crossed the Mason Dixon line we are all excited to see what new changes will be waiting for us down Route 1.


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