Reservoir Dogs

As we approached the end of Virginia and the beginning of North Carolina, we saw sign after sign directing us to the Kerr Reservoir. Stretching across both states, this enormous man-made body of water provides opportunity for camping and boating in what was once just the Roanoake River Valley. The park has over 500 campsites spread out over eight different campgrounds surrounding the Reservoir. We decided to stay at the J.C. Cooper Campground on Satterwhite Point as it was the only area with a defined swim beach (we later learned you can swim pretty much anywhere).


The park policy that only allows reserving sites for visits over seven days really worked to our advantage; we arrived in the early afternoon and got a prime waterfront site. After unpacking and swiming off the riprap bank just feet away from our site, we came to realize what a busy thoroughfare we had chosen being the last site before the boat launch. Since it was the weekend, we had our own private boat show as trailer after trailer crawled by to launch their boats. Five Ball and High Five were also pleased to discover our road was a popular place to walk your dog, and for one family, their deboinair pig sporting a hat and bowtie.


On Saturday we spent the morning cooking and reading, then headed to the nearby swim beach for the afternoon. The younger Fives are really gaining new skills every day in the water. Five of Hearts is now cruising around doing the backstroke, Five Ball is swimming entirely on his own with his face in the water, and High Five, not to be outdone, is wading out to his neck and cruising solo in his life jacket. We spotted many dogs around, but none ventured into the water. Even though they weren’t allowed to swim, hopefully we gave them some consolation in that the paddle named for them was getting lots and lots of use.

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