Fruits From Above


On Thursday we drove through Miami in 95°F heat with no air-conditioning. We had just come off a night’s respite from camping at the Jupiter Waterfront Inn. We needed to do laundry and hammer out some details for our upcoming visit to the Keys. After a very late night of trying without success to make campground reservations we were tired. As we approached the city the sky became hazy and the traffic drastically increased. The kids now dried out from their morning swim began to melt in their carseats and we all wished that Route 1 would just hurry up and spit us out at our next campground. Many stoplights later we pulled up to the county run campground that was recommended by our camping guide only to find out that due to budget cutbacks the pool and lake wouldn’t be open until the weekend. We can take driving without air conditioning but asking us to go without a daily swim is just too much, so much to everyone’s disappointment we piled back in the car to head to our backup campground.


Well in this case our second choice turned out to be the right choice. Miami Everglades Resort is surrounded by acres of orchards and tree farms. We were dazzled by the quick change in the landscape as we passed orange groves, mango trees and hundreds of palms being grown commercially. When we pulled up to the campground we were greeted by a friendly staff and acquainted with the well manicured grounds. Five String nearly did a backflip when we found ourselves setting up camp directly under an avocado tree, his absolute favorite. We were all blown away by the variety of tropical trees and lizards that called the campground home and even more in awe of the immaculate bath houses.


This was all before we even checked out the pool which made us all thank our lucky stars for guiding us to this campground. As we swam in the enormous circular pool until late into the evening Five of Hearts reminded us all to think back to how we felt just hours before in the gridlock that was Route 1 Miami. Days like these on the road are like climbing a mountain; the uphills can be really tough but the view from the top makes it all worth while.

The Fives Rating : 5 out of 5

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