Route 1 is Done


It’s official. We drove the entire length of Route 1 from Fort Kent, Maine to Key West, Florida. We pulled up to the 0 mile marker at 10:15a.m. today with much fanfare. In total we drove 2,749 miles over 45 days, passing through 14 states and Washington D.C. While Key West wasn’t exactly our cup of tea but we did take time out at the Sugar Apple Juice Bar for a celebratory treat.

Now that we have completed Route 1 this blog will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1…

Just kidding. We still have many more adventures to post about before we return home in September. After a few more days snorkeling we are going to try and brave the mosquito infested Everglades and then head up the Gulf Coast. The younger Fives will mutany if we don’t stop off at the Magic Kingdom so that is on the itinerary as well. We hope that you will follow along with us and thanks for all of your great support so far.



10 thoughts on “Route 1 is Done

  1. Congratulations!! What a trip–We knew you could do it! Thanks for taking us along via your blogs. We have really enjoyed seeing you on your adventure. Please stay in touch.
    Love, Grandpop & Grandmom

  2. What a trip of a life time – it had been great following you guys ! Keep on writing. And we of course will continue to follow your many adventures – Love you all! We’ll catch up soon- Nona & Pop

  3. By the way I forgot Bella wanted me to tell you she misses all you and hopes to se u all soon
    XO XO XO from the BELZER 😉

    • Great! We have been following your posts about Orlando and were going to contact you for some insider tips. We are only planning to visit the Magic Kingdom. If you have any advice for us that would be super.

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