Under Water


Not to brag but the Fives seriously rocked the Magic Kingdom yesterday. We were there from the opening ceremony at 9am all the way up to the fireworks and final parade. It was pure Disney magic right until we pulled up to our campsite at midnight. It turns out that while we were hanging out with Mickey a major storm blew through both the campground and our tent. Not the way we had imagined ending our perfect day especially with three very overtired children.  As we crowded into the drier half of our soggy and broken tent we looked longingly at all the other campers dry and warm in their RVs. However, even though we were the only vacationers that night to sleep in a puddle of water we were lulled quickly to asleep to the hum of “It’s a Small World After All” and the Carousel Of Progress’ promise that tomorrow would be a better day. It wasn’t until the morning when we all woke up with serious theme park hangovers that the reality that our tent was destroyed sunk in. We are now recouping in a hotel while we scope out a new tent and plan our next move. As soon as we finish drying everything out we will post Disney pictures and our favorite memories from the park.

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