These Shoes Are Made for Findin’


This is the sight that greeted us as we drove an hour back to where we had stayed the previous night to find Five Ball’s sandals sitting in the parking lot right where he left them. In his defense he took them off right by Dad’s car door where “Dad was supposed to find them.” Of course it would have been helpful if he had mentioned this a few hours earlier. Although after a day spent in vain looking for a replacement tent none of us were too sad to drive back up to the now familar hotel for a second night. The funny thing is this isn’t the first time on the trip that Five Ball’s shoes have been MIA. On Sanibel Island we gave up on one that was lost on the beach and spent an entire afternoon trying to find him a new pair so that he didn’t have to wear his rain boots. Unbelievably Five of Hearts found the missing sandal the next day while we were walking the beach. The next time that we buy Five Ball a new pair of shoes we are thinking of finding a pair with a GPS locator.

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