Pasta Salad Your Way

One of the benefits of winding down a trip is using up the remaining items in food bins. Some of our favorite meals have come from trying to use up an odd combination of ingredients in one single recipe. We recently rediscoverd an old favorite while trying to figure out how to go through two boxes of pasta, celery and other random vegetables, chick peas, grapeseed vegenaise, and balsamic vinegrette. We had no sauce for a typical pasta, and we didn’t feel like making up a salad dressing for the veggies. Then it came to us: Pasta Salad Your Way.


First we started with a simple dressing. Some chose the grapessed vegenaise with balsamic vinegar, while others preferred olive oil with balsamic. Then we cut up our remaining vegetables on a serving dish. Each person got to make their own dressing and add in any fixings they liked. A surprising favorite was basil; it really brought a great flavor into everyone’s bowl. The best part is this is never the same meal twice.

What would Pasta Salad Your Way look like? Leave a comment and share your ideas.


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