America’s Got Stuff


It has been three full days since we moved into our rental house and this afternoon was the first time that we set foot on the beach just down the end of the street. Instead we have been angrily muttering about how much we hate stuff while sorting through boxes of books, clothing, toys, etc.. It would have been so much easier to enter the rental house with our backpacks, unpack our clothes and tooth brushes and hit the beach. But what about the Christmas decorations, the kid’s toys and all our favorite books? As we transition to a more nomadic lifestyle these are the questions that we grapple with. How much do we need to carry around with us and what can we live without? Our trip down Route 1 this summer definitely showed us that we are not alone in this struggle. Over the course of three months we saw more storage units then we ever would have guessed existed. No matter how small a town there were storage units for rent. We seriously passed through rural towns with no other businesses except storage facilities. In the more populated areas storge units seemed to appear on every street corner. So, while we can take comfort in the fact that we are not alone in this matter, we are fighting hard to become a family that does stuff instead of having stuff.

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