Tortoises: Life on the Beach

A post by Five of Hearts

We were in Jacksonville, Florida. We were on the beach one day and all the sudden I looked behind me and saw a tortoise.  It was crawling along the sand dunes and then it went up into the dunes and back into its hole.


Here is what I know about Gopher Tortoises:
– The inside of their burrow is mostly made of sand.
– They like the beach and land a lot.
– They only like a little bit of water, not as much as turtles do.
– They like to eat leaves off of plants.
– Their burrows are used by snakes, frogs and burrowing owls.
– The burrows they make can be 40 feet long.


We had a great day on the beach seeing the tortoise. To see more pictures of what we saw on the trip visit our Nature on the Fly page.

Bye bye. See you next time.
– Five of Hearts

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