Homes for Fairies


We discovered on the road this summer that traveling is a balance between seeing lots of different things and actually experiencing a place for what it has to offer.  There were many places along Route 1 that we can say we saw, but really we just got out of the car, snapped a picture or two, then moved on. Other places however, such as Jacksonville, we got to know much better as we spent much more quality time there. While sometimes we miss the excitement of crossing state borders and sleeping in a different place each night, we are more than eager to experience in depth the Greater Portland area during our long-term rental over the next nine months.

Being close to a big city (at least by Maine standards) means a slew of activities to choose from, and we decided to make our first outing a guided hike and fairy home workshop coordinated by the Saco Bay Trails Association. We’ve been too busy unpacking as of late to get out into the woods, so this was a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. Our friendly guide led us on a pleasant hike through a small section of the Horton Woods Preserve, a trek manageable even for our youngest Five. Then, when we reached the junction of two of the major trails, we rolled up our sleeves to get down to the business at hand: building fairy homes.


Everyone pitched in to make the new home cozy and comfortable, though truth be told Fives of Hearts and Five Spice were the true stars of the job site. Despite some union-mandated breaks for tree climbing and snacking, we still managed to finish ahead of schedule. The end result, we think, speaks for itself.



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