Mystery Revealed


By Five of Hearts

Guess what? We found squid egg sacks on the beach, and that was the Monday Mystery item. The egg sacks were indeed very slimy but we couldn’t tell what they were the first time we found them.  When we went back the second time we found them and identified them.  You can actually see the little eggs that are in the egg sack. I hoped you like Mystery Monday’s mystery, but now it’s time to show you about the coral reefs.

A big thing has happened to the coral reefs: they are going to be dead in 20 years because of people dropping trash in the ocean, driving, and other stuff.  The ocean has had hotter temperatures, and coral reefs like colder temperatures. If in 20 years the coral reefs are gone, big fish, little fish, and creatures that eat the coral reefs will be gone. So that’s why this is such a big thing and a bad habit by people. That’s all for Mystery Monday and World Wednesday. Bye!


Gasoline spilling into the ocean from cars.


People putting trash into the ocean.


Trash on the coral reefs.


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