Found Money


As we began our adventure down Route 1 this past summer the younger Fives demonstrated a talent for discovering dropped coins in the various campsites, hotel rooms, or grocery store parking lots that we visited. Eventually we pulled out a canning jar from the back of the van and christened it the “Found Money Jar”. Soon the whole family was keeping our eyes peeled for dropped coins to add to the jar. We decided that when we returned to Maine the kids could count up the money that we had found and use it to buy a treat.


Last week we finally sat down at the table and totaled up our jar of found coins. It was a great math lesson for the kids as we sorted out the coins into their respective piles and discussed how much they were worth.


The next time that we visted Whole Foods the kids brought along the whopping $4.06 in coins that they had found and purchased two bags of Yummy Earth Organic Pops for the family to share. Since then we have started adding more found money to our jar in anticipation a future yummy treat.

Do you or your family members ever pick up spare change? Do you save it for something special or use it right away?


2 thoughts on “Found Money

  1. Definitely make a habit of this! My father-in-law takes walks every morning. On his walks he picks up change here and there that he finds. Over the course of several years, my father-in-law has collected over $400!! Doesn’t hurt to look more often….

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