National Estuaries Day


In the spirit of National Estuaries Day today, we’re sharing a recent excursion to a place where salt and freshwater meet.  We have driven past the Scarborough marshes many times, and last Thursday we decided to spot some Nature on the Fly at high tide.


We set out from the parking area for a half-mile hike along the Eastern Trail, a 65 mile section of trails that is part of a larger network connecting Maine to Key West, Florida. The Scarborough portion is entirely off-road, so we only had to share the path with bikers and other pedestrians.  Many herons were wading out for a high-tide meal, and we also spotted lots of milkweed and monarch butterflies.


For us no trip into the great outdoors is complete without a good tree climb, so we were not going to pass up the inviting oak tree hanging over the trail at the end of our hike. A nearby cormorant must have liked the spot as well, and it treated us to a display of its diving and fishing skills just feet  away in the water. Though we could see the tiny blur of cars on Route 1 a mile in the distance, we felt grateful for this protected spot a world away.



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