Compost on the Fly

One drawback of being on the road this summer was not having access to environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of trash and food scraps. At home in Maine we were used to recycling and composting almost all of our household waste. However, there were many areas that we passed through this summer where little to no recycling was available. There were stretches of the trip where we carried around a large bag of cardboard and plastic in the hope that the next campground would have a recycling bin. As for food scrapes we never came across the opportunity to compost. More often than not we were double bagging our food waste and rushing it to the nearest dumpster to keep it out of the claws of the local campground squirrels.

Now that we are settled in a longer term rental we are excited to have the opportunity to make up for this summer’s bad recycling/composting karma. We are super lucky to be living in an area that offers curb-side single-sort recycling. Honestly after years of schlepping our recycling across town (or to bigger cities that would actual recycle junk mail and box board) we feel truly blessed. However, our rental house did not come equipped with a compost bin so one of the first orders of business this fall was to find a composter that would work for our situation.

At our last house we had a permanent style compost bin that we made out of old wood pallets. Obviously not something that our landlords probably want us to construct this time around. So, after some Internet research we found a great collapsible compost bin that packs up small for people with a more mobile lifestyle. We were excited to find the Fiskars 75-Gallon Eco Bin Collapsible Composter online and even more excited when it took less than five minutes to set up. The bin is completely collapsible with heavy mesh sides for ventilation. It kind of resembles a collapsible lawn or garden container except that it comes with a heavy duty lid and stakes to secure it to the ground. So far our kitchen scrapes seem to be acclimating to their new environment and hopefully we will have a pile of rich soil before we leave in June.


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