Apple of my Pie: Whole Foods CSA #2

Our second installment of our self-made Whole Foods CSA featured some classic New England fall staples, squash and apples. Being our first fall without visiting an apple orchard at least once for pick-your-own, we have all been feeling like we are missing out on a traditional New England fall. Luckily Whole Foods has been fully stocked with totes of local organic apples. We have been picking up two at a time and the boys have been munching through them with great enthusiasm. On our latest foray to Whole Foods we also found that organic acorn squash, pomegranates, and lettuce were on sale as well. With these ingredients as our base we devised a Sunday menu to celebrate the changing of the seasons.


Again we turned to Clean Eating by Terry Walters. This excellent cookbook is arranged by season making it a great resource when eating with local ingredients in mind. We decided to try her recipe for Apple Squash Soup as well as her recipe for Winter Green Salad With Sugared Walnuts, Crispy Pears and Pomegrante. The salad had to be modified as High Five is allergic to all nuts and we can’t cook with them or serve them at the table. However, everyone was excited about adding extra pomegranetes to the salad to compensate, especially after reading the Greek myth about Hades and Persephone a few days back. With very little discussion we all agreed that it would only be fitting to round-out the meal with Vegan Apple Pie and Ice Cream.


We have to admit that making pie in our household is not an entirely homemade affair. We used to only make pies with graham cracker crusts due to the simplicity.  Then a while back we discovered Wholly Wholesome Pie Shells and the world of vegan pie became so much more easy and unbeliveably tasty. Not only are these pie shells made of a very select number of organic ingredients but they are also vegan. They can be found in the freezer section with the other pie shells and they are definitely worth keeping an eye out for. As a family who was never really crazy for pie crust but merely tolerated it to get to the delicious filling, we go gaga for the super yummy pie crusts that Wholly Wholesome creates.


In the end the meal was a partial success. The pie was gone before the ice cream had even begun to melt and we all wondered why we had only made one. Once again the squash dish fell flat. Perhaps one day we will discover a way to prepare squash that the whole gang can get behind. The winter salad was very tasty and the younger Fives all embraced the pomegranate which was a new food for them. Even though the apples weren’t picked from the tree by us, it felt like we were at least keeping a small part of our fall tradition.


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