Quick Crowns

With Halloween just around the corner and a big project in the works (details to follow soon) our crafting to-do-list is filling up fast. This morning seemed as good a time as any to roll up our sleeves, plug in the hot glue gun and get crafting.

First up on the agenda was to complete a Princess hat for Five of Hearts. She had picked out the design from The Muppets Big Book of Crafts as part of her Halloween costume. We bought the materials ages ago but today we finally got the whole thing put together. This particular craft brought about some great lessons in how to enlarge patterns using multiplication and how to use iron-on adhesives. All in all it was really pretty easy and definitely a lot cheaper than the one we saw for sale in Downtown Disney this past summer.

As the Fives are going with a Medieval theme this Halloween we needed to make up a few crowns in addition to the princess hat. Last year we discovered these great packages of gold and silver bulletin board trim at the craft store. They make putting together crowns super easy. Just fit them around your head, cut off any excess, and staple the two ends together. The kids love to decorate them with stickers and markers. In a few minutes we had enough crowns for an entire royal family. Five of Hearts went ahead and made matching bracelets out the leftover pieces of trim. They are reminiscent of Wonder Woman’s and were immediately a huge hit with her aspiring super hero brothers.


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