Pizza / Election Party


Our trip to Washington D.C. for the Million Puppet March finished up nicely with a stop off in Philadelphia for a vegan pizza party. We had intended to visit Blackbird Pizzeria on our Route 1 trip this past summer. However, our plans were spoiled due to an untimely stomach bug. So, this time around  Five String was super excited to show the rest of us around Philadelphia (his old stomping grounds) and give us a taste of Blackbird’s famous vegan cheesesteaks.


While we often make pizza at home it was a treat to order one in a restaurant where everything is vegan and certified kosher. While the younger Fives were happy to order their usual (one red and one white) Five String placed an order for a cheesesteak and an eggplant grinder. Everything hit the spot and we can safely recommend Blackbird Pizzeria to anyone looking for some yummy vegan fare in the Philly area.


With our bellies full we headed towards home to get ready for Election Day. While we voted early before leaving Maine we still had lots to get ready for a big night of watching the election results. We made signs, prepared snacks and readied our Electoral College maps. Our party started off with great gusto. However, none of us managed to stay awake for the President’s early morning acceptance speech. With our trip complete and the election over we (and our puppets) await our next adventure.



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