From Maine to Montana


To the Fives, Montana holds a special place in our hearts. Granted, we’ve never seen Big Sky Country in person or been anywhere near it. However, today on Peaks Island off the coast of Portland, Maine, we filled the quiet November afternoon with cries of joy and triumph as we spotted the final license plate left on our license plate bingo, Montana. Six months in the making, our bingo ongoing game started in Baxter State Park in Maine, took us the entire length of Route 1 to Key West, and returned us back to our off-season rental on the Maine coast.

When we set out this morning we never would have guessed that this would be the day we finished. We’ve had some memorable license plate spottings over the past several months, from spying Hawaii outside Jacksonville, Florida to getting down to one final plate after finding Wyoming outside of Philadelphia. None can compare, though, to seeing the Montana pickup truck parked in the grass on our way to the public beach at Peaks Island. Big Sky Country, we thank you for making this one heck of a ride!


All 50 states found!

license plate


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