East Point Sanctuary


Biddeford may be best known for Biddeford Pool, a large tidal harbor that was the site of Maine’s first recorded permanent European settlement in 1616. However, equally impressive is the Audubon Society’s East Point Sanctuary located at the far tip of the Pool. An unassuming chain link gate leads to a variety of important bird habitats along the 1 mile trail.


After passing several houses and a golf course, the path led us to the rocky coast. The Wood Island Lighthouse stood guard in the distance as we explored the beach, clambering over rocks and testing our balance on various driftwood logs.


From there, we followed the trail through a thicket of sea roses and enjoyed some spectacular views of the beaches of Saco and Old Orchard Beach. Our path then led us away from the beach and into the woods. It soon became apparent as the trail narrowed and wandered that we were in fact bushwhacking, fighting off the encroaching branches and brambles at every turn. Fortunately we could see a clearing up ahead and soon ended up by the 9th hole of the golf course, a flock of geese greeting us. Our detour did not leave us empty handed though, and for the first time in memory we headed home from a beach hike with pockets full of golf balls.



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