Mama Pea to the Rescue

At the beginning of the week I was feeling really discouraged about what to feed our family of five. It was the first time since we became vegan over a year ago that I felt so hopeless. Lately the younger Fives have been going through really annoying food phases. Five of Hearts will no longer eat cereal and Five Ball has declared his three major food groups to be apples, cranraisins, and Cheerios. On top of that High Five’s food allergies prevent us from cooking with potatoes, nuts or mustard. Ironically a good number of vegan recipes call for those three ingredients, especially as replacements for cheese.


As I sat at the table last Sunday morning leafing through dozens of vegan recipes that called for ingredients that we couldn’t use, or that the kids would refuse to touch, I decided to turn to the one vegan cookbook that has been an absolute lifesaver for our family. I stumbled upon Peas and Thank You last year while browsing and was intrigued by the super positive reviews that it had received. Since it arrived on our doorstep not one of Sarah Matheny’s recipes have let us down. The ingredients that she calls for are available at most grocery stores and all of her recipes have been kid-tested by her two daughters. So, this past week we went Peas and Thank You crazy making over six different recipes from Sarah’s cookbook. As the week went on each recipe passed the test of our three little food critics including the Mini Tofu Frittatas which are filled with vegetables that Five Ball has previously declared to be his sworn enemies. So, thank you Mama Pea for making this week’s mealtimes so much more enjoyable! Your cookbook will always hold a special place in our hearts and in our kitchen.


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