Super Hero Bouncing Birthday Bash


The super heroes came out in full force on Tuesday as Five Ball celebrated his 4th birthday. Our Super Why themed party gave all the Fives a chance to dress up in some super fun costumes and harness some of our super running and bouncing powers.


Aside from some marvelous homemade gifts, including a Why Writer made by Five of Hearts and a Super Heroine cape made by Five Spice, the biggest hit of the day was the balloons. The addition of strings opened up a new world of possibilities that took our balloon play to a whole new level.


Five Ball chose a trip to a local indoor bounce house for his birthday outing, but as it was closed on his actual birthday, and on the next day local schools had a half day, we opted for a less crowded experience and went today. We, of course, left our alter egos at the door and bounced in our full superhero attire. Let’s just say that there’s nothing like bounding over inflated obstacles and zooming down slides at incredible speeds to make you feel like you’re invincible.


Happy Birthday Five Ball, our super 4-year old!



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