Tree on the Fly

This is our first Christmas celebrating while keeping our possessions to a minimum. Traveling around with a Christmas tree stand, lights, and ornaments that are only used once a year doesn’t make sense to any of us. However, we all love the tradition of decorating a tree as a family. Luckily we came across a great solution online.


The Cardboard Christmas Tree is a fabulous product created by a Chicago based design house. They offer these really unique 1 and 3 ft. Christmas trees made out of recycled corrugated cardboard. The trees are super easy to set-up and they fold down for compact storage. Each tree comes with a variety of cardboard ornaments that can be decorated and easily affixed, making this a wonderful crafting activity for groups of all ages.


The Cardboard Christmas Tree has been a much more family friendly activity as opposed to buying a live tree. Instead of mom and dad struggling to get a big, heavy tree secured in its stand the kids were easily able to help with the set-up. While we still enjoy our family keepsake ornaments, decorating the cardboard ornaments was a big hit, providing hours of creative fun.


The best part is that when it comes time to move we can easily pack our cardboard tree into the back of the van. Or for only $19.95 you can recycle this year’s tree and start fresh next year.




2 thoughts on “Tree on the Fly

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