100th Post: Five of Heart’s Buccaneer Birthday


There were silk scarves and doubloons galore as Five of Hearts celebrated her 6th birthday this past week. We all got our fill of swashbuckling and skullduggery as we decorated pirate pictures, watched several of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and sang “Happy Birthday” with a few more “ARRRR”s than usual.


After a scrumptious breakfast and presents, we headed to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey.  The four floors of exhibits were quite impressive. We started with the traveling Animation center and tried out the many components of cartoons from mouth position to moving backgrounds.


Every one of us, from youngest to oldest, could have spent hours exploring and experiencing the magic of animation. We also loved the many energy exhibits, where we got to do everything from power a radio with a bicycle to drive a solar-powered remote-controlled car.


We eventually returned home for some serious pirate pampering. A few exotic lotions, creams, and cucumber slices later, we were finally ready for the coconut ice cream cake. When the smoke finally cleared from the candles, Five of Hearts was five no more.



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