Sunday Book Club

DSC05546[photo by Five Ball]

 It’s no secret that we are a family of readers. Let’s just say that we quickly develop a reputation at any library we join: the family that visits every week, checks out armfuls of books at once, and needs a full-sized boat bag to lug our books to and from the library. But hey, we do spend a good chunk of each day reading, and it takes quite a mountain of books to satisfy our appetite for the printed word.

It’s hard for us to believe that the idea of a Sunday Book Club didn’t occur to us sooner than last weekend. However, once the words were spoken, we knew our Sundays would be forever changed for the better. We shared our books and asked one another lots and lots of questions. Here are our selections from the first (of many) Fives on the Fly Sunday Book Club Social.

High FiveArthur’s Chicken Pox by Marc Brown: “It’s funny!”

(Obviously High Five has never itched his way through a case of the Chicken Pox 🙂

Five Ball: The Lightning Thief Graphic Novel by Rick Riordan: “I like the part where Percy Jackson defeats the monsters that are trying to kill him.”

Five of Hearts: The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan: “This book is romantic, funny at some parts, and really exciting. I really like Sadie Kane and I think that Setne is funny.”

Five String: Your Guide to the National Parks by Michael Joseph Oswald: “This amazing books gives in-depth information on every U.S. National Park. The statistics at the beginning tell the number of visitors, busiest times of year, etc. My favorite part is the detailed maps and tables giving information on hiking (ranked easiest to hardest) and camping.”

Five Spice: Nelson Mandela “No Easy Walk to Freedom” by Barry Denenberg: “I really liked reading this biography because I never learned very much about Nelson Mandela or apartheid in school. I found it really interesting to compare the struggle against apartheid with the struggle against segregation in the United States.”


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