Valentine’s Day: Rachel Carson, Blowing Cave, and a Whole Lotta Love

There must have been something in the air today because we just couldn’t resist getting outdoors and feeling the love of nature. We started our Valentine’s outing at a the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in Wells, Maine, named in honor of the famed biologist and author Rachel Carson.


The snow was still somewhat deep, but we trudged through to experience the first half mile of the Rachel Carson Trail. Even with the road fairly close, we could hear the beautiful songs of several different types of birds perched far above us in the pine trees.  Truth be told, though, we did our fair share of disturbing the peace as a few casually tossed snowballs turned into a fifteen minute melee with white spheres plastering our jackets and several innocent tree trunks in the wrong place at the wrong time.


The calm before the snowball fight.

Tired out from all the excitement and hungry for our first picnic lunch in quite a while, we got back in the Mazda5 and headed down the road a short ways to Kennebunk, home of, among other things, Blowing Cave. After a few passes along Ocean Avenue and one failed attempt to see ex-presidents and/or ex-first ladies out at Walker Point, Five Spice’s keen eyes found our destination about a half-mile back towards Kennebunk.


The perfect picnic spot.

Blowing Cave is a fairly modest hole worn away in the rocky shoreline that can produce some spectacular sprays when the tide is rising. We had timed our visit by consulting the Kennebunk Tide Chart and were not disappointed. When the novelty of the spouting rock wore off, we contented ourselves by exploring the many tide pools, enjoying a satisfying picnic lunch, and basking in the warm winter’s day.


Blowing Cave doing what it does best.

When we finally arrived back home we were delighted to find our sun porch to be warm and welcoming. However, nothing could compare to the warmth and love we felt as we enjoyed Five Spice’s Very Vegan Valentine’s Chocolate Cake, a recipe she adapted from the fabulous Have Your Cake and Vegan Too by Kris Holechek Peters.


Five Spice’s delectable Very Vegan Valentine’s Chocolate Cake.

No holiday would be complete for us without a dance party, so we ended our day with light hearts and dancing feet . Hope you enjoy a few choice selections from our 14-song mix.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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