Snow and Surf


The old saying “March comes in like a lion…” has been proving to be very true this year. The storms making their way up the coast this winter have created some really rough seas.


However, a storm arriving just in time for the beginning of March created the largest surf that we had seen yet. We had a good four days of higher than average tides, pounding waves and a couple of days in a row when the ocean breached the sea wall and flooded the roads and lawns around our house. It was interesting to watch the news vans and crowds of onlookers from out our windows but even more amazing to watch the power of the waves as walls were knocked down and rocks sent flying.


The last storm brought us more snow than surf which was just fine with the younger fives as they took the opportunity to get in those last winter days of snowmen, snow forts  and snowballs.




As for us old timers we are hoping that March will go out like a lamb and we can spend the spring relaxing in the sun instead of shoveling snow!

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