Cast Party


This past week we had quite a lot to celebrate. We received an exciting invitation to the Red Carpet Event for the Portland Children’s Film Festival; Five of Heart’s entry was selected as one of the top films in her age group. We don’t often have an excuse to get all gussied up, so we took choosing our outfits very seriously. Then we also got word that her film was shown on a segment of Good Morning Maine that featured the director of the Film Festival. By the time the Red Carpet Event came, we were definitely ready to celebrate.


The Red Carpet Event started at 6:00 P.M., so we had the day to rest up and then get ready for the big event. Five Ball repurposed some Easter flowers to give to Five of Hearts before we walked out the door, and then we were off to the Rines Auditorium at the Portland Public Library.


Five of Hearts got the VIP treatment when we arrived and was given a certificate and prize ribbon for her efforts. Then we enjoyed the main event, watching all of the top movies from the Young Filmmakers Contest. We were impressed by the many different styles of movies we saw, from stop animation and shadow puppetry to live action and hand-drawn animation. We left the event with a great respect for the powerful impact filmmaking can have on both traditional and homeschool education alike.


Perhaps the highlight of the night, however, came after we returned home. What better way to acknowledge the talents of all the crew and actors of “Love Connects Us to Everything” than a late-night cast party? There was loud music, dancing, refreshments, and screenings of some of our favorite movies. We definitely felt fortunate that the Fives Homeschool declared a late start for school the next day!


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