E is for Earth Day (That’s Good Enough for Me)


To gear up for our annual Earth Day waterfall hike (stay tuned for pictures), we decided to celebrate the Earth…in cookie form. We chose an earth-friendly sugar cookie recipe from Peas and Thank You and spent the morning mixing, whipping, and frosting.


We aren’t too keen on artificial colors, so we found a great resources on making food coloring out of all-natural ingredients. The blueberries made more of a red than blue color (I guess truth in advertising does not apply to fruit), but in the end we had a sizable amount of blue and green frosting to make our cookies into palm-sized planets. Our biggest lesson was that it takes much, much more natural food coloring to get the desired color than it does its artificial counterpart.


In the end, we felt proud to use the beautiful bounty of the Earth to create cookies with, well, great personality. They could be summed up in just one word: Yum!


Earth Day Messages from the Fives


Five of Hearts: When I think about the Earth, I think of how beautiful it is and all the birds moving. Celebrate the Earth. Take a walk. Go outside. Be nice to the Earth, but not just one day a year. Every day.


Five Ball: I think about the pretty butterflies. The Earth gives us a home. If we did not have the Earth, we’d be in outer space! No throwing trash. If you throw trash, the Earth will be hurt.


High Five: Keep the bunnies. And tofu!

3 thoughts on “E is for Earth Day (That’s Good Enough for Me)

    • Thank you! All children have a great appreciation and understanding of the Earth. The issue is giving them opportunities to get outside and connect to the natural world. We hope that you had a great Earth Day!

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