Do You Baggu?

With just under 2 weeks left until we head out on the road again we are using every space saving trick that we have up our sleeves to cram everything that we own into the Mazda 5. Luckily a few years back we won a set of Baggu Bags through an online giveaway. These amazing Ripstop Nylon bags make packing items without the added bulk super easy.

Before we discovered Baggu we used LL Bean canvas tote bags to store our groceries, library books, beach toys, and other random gear. However, the LL Bean totes were bulky to pack and they didn’t wash or dry easily. Once we tried a reusable Baggu bag we were hooked. These bags can hold up to 50 lbs. yet they pack down into a 5″ x 5″ pouch. This allows for keeping several Baggus right in your purse or coat pocket and never again having to run out to the car to retrieve your forgotten reusable bags. The best part is that if the Baggu gets dirty it is easily washable and it dries in a flash.


While the reusable Baggu is a must for grocery shopping we are especially in love with their sets of 3 zipper bags, which we have in almost every size and color combination. The zipper bags are perfect for storing everything under the sun from electronics to kids toys. The heavy duty Ripstop Nylon contains all of our odds and ends without taking up valuable space in the car that we don’t have. We have switched over to Baggu zipper bags to hold the kid’s piggy banks, our important documents, and our cosmetics.


One of the best features of the Baggu line is the numerous and stylish color and pattern options that they offer. We were each able to pick out our own distinct bags helping to avoid any future ownership issues. A must with three kids 🙂 Plus they have so many more cute patterns that we all have a bag on our wishlist for the future.


So, if your old reusable bags are getting dingy or you need a new storage solution we definitely recommend checking out Baggu bags. Just be prepared to encourage the bagger at the grocery store to keep on filling it. These things can hold 3 plastic grocery bags worth of goods!

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