Goodbye Lower Beach Road

Yesterday was a bittersweet day full of goodbyes and chocolate pie. We took our final walk through the neighborhood and down to the beach. While the day was chilly Five of Hearts and Five Ball couldn’t resist riding the Saco surf one last time.


High Five spent his time scaling the rock breakwall that he recently mastered all by himself. It was hard to leave the beach knowing that we wouldn’t be returning anytime soon. However, luckily we had a vegan raspberry chocolate cream pie waiting for us at home.


Over pie we shared fond memories of our time in Camp Ellis, Maine and talked about what we would miss most. The boys both agreed that they would dearly miss living so close to the beach. Dad is really going to miss the McArthur public library in Biddeford and mom is going to miss the super warm sun porch at the rental house. Five of Hearts loved all that the area offered especially the YMCA pool and the indoor soccer and bouce zone at XL Sports Zone. As the last crumbs of pie were gobbled up we all agreed that we had a great time living in Camp Ellis but that it is time to hit the road and move on to new adventures.



2 thoughts on “Goodbye Lower Beach Road

  1. As a child who moved a lot growing up (and was always within a reasonable drive to the ocean) i am so jealous. i would say goodbye to the beach, too. i wish my kids had more ocean opportunities. as it is i almost cry when i see it and when i have to say goodbye after a trip!

    • It is definitely hard to leave the ocean. So far we have always been lucky to be traveling right along the coast. We will see what happens when we head to Central United States later this summer. We might just have to hurry to the west coast if we get too homesick for the sea 🙂

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