Kitchen with a View

It took us just under a week to get to our first destination in Newfoundland. The town of St. Anthony is famous for moose, whales, and icebergs and we were eager to see all three for ourselves. On our way up the Western Coast of Newfoundland we started to make arrangements for short-term housing in the area. It turns out that most of the “tourist housing” is booked solid but we were lucky enough to find a landlord that needed his house filled before he left town the next day. When we took a tour of the house and found that the window from the kitchen had a spectacular view of the icebergs in St. Anthony Bight, we were sold on a 30 day rental.


This is our first short term rental in Canada and we are excited to devote more quality time to exploring the northern tip of Newfoundland. After getting settled into our new accomadations, it is amazing how much faster unpacking is when you only have a few suitcases, we decided to explore the town. St. Anthony is considerably larger than many of the towns that we have driven through so far with two grocery stores, several playgrounds and a large hospital. However, we were immediately drawn to the amazing vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and the icebergs that are floating just off shore.


Fishing Point Park is one of these incredible scenic overlooks where we spent most of the day scrambling along the cliffs, exploring the tide pools, and of course gazing at the massive pieces of floating ice carved from glaciers thousands of years old. As the day wore on and it was time to get everyone back into the car it was nice to know that this is a spot that we can return to in the coming days.



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