Nine Man Milles: A Post by Five of Hearts and Five Ball


When we went to the Viking site [L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site] we got fun activity books. When we got home we tried out a game called Nine Man Milles. We’ve been playing it for a few days now because it is really fun.

Even though the Vikings played this game, the Romans and the Egyptians played this game too according to my research. Also, the more original name for the game is Nine Men’s Morris. It was very popular in medieval England. The boards they used had holes not lines.

The players get 9 men. The goal is to get a “mill”, which is 3 men in a row. Instead of using black and white men, we use our different color counting bears.

You start with an empty board. You take turns placing the players on the board.


If you get 3 men in a row, you may take one of your opponent’s players that is not in a three in a row formation.

When your men and your opponents’ men are all placed on the board, then you can move one of your pieces to an open space that is connected by a line. You want to keep trying to make three in a row. You may not jump another piece. You may break your mill by moving a piece out and moving it back again. Each time you do this you remove one of your opponent’s pieces from the board. You may also block your opponent.

When a player is reduced to three players, they may move or ‘fly’ to any open space anywhere on the board. This is how some people play.
Here is how you win: blocking the other player so he or she can’t move, or reducing your opponent to two players.

What We Think

Five Ball: I love it.

Five of Hearts: I think it is really fun and it’s a great new game to play. I am glad I found it in my Viking activity book. At first I did not want to play with my brother and my Dad. But then my Dad finally convince me to play. The first couple of times I didn’t win, but now I have won two times.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post from my brother and I. See you next time!
Five of Hearts and Five Ball


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