Rolling Down the Camel’s Back: A Hike off Dark Tickle Rd, Newfoundland


The Viking Trail, the area of northern Newfoundland extending from Deer Lake to L’Anse aux Meadows, is truly a hiker’s paradise. Even with three young ones, we have been dazzled by all the family-friendly hikes to choose from. In our experience just about every town in the St. Anthony area has a well-marked, gravel trail at the end of the road. We have enjoyed finding them unexpectedly during the course of our travels, but we must admit we have also peeked a few times at the Viking Trail Tourism Association’s user-friendly map and list of local trails.

Of the nearly dozen trails that we have had the pleasure to explore during our time in St. Anthony, the Camel’s Back trail off of Dark Tickle Rd. in Saint Lunaire-Griquet has been the most spectacular (and given the quality of some of the other trails, that is quite a compliment). The 2 km round trip trail winds through woods, up over a moderate hill with picnic area overlooking the coves, and then winds through more woods to reach the higher Camel’s Back. Breathtaking views of the surrounding communities take a back seat to the icebergs floating just off shore. Of course, when traveling with young children the highlights of the day can come from the most unexpected places: in this case, a solid hour of rolling down the juniper-covered hillside with icebergs bobbing in the water just below.


These informative signs greet hikers with some useful facts and tips at all the hikes along the Viking Trail.


A glacial erratic gave us a chance to refine our climbing skills before the final ascent.


Another satisfied hiker at the top of Camel’s Back.


A view out into the harbor.


An iceberg with a ring of smaller pieces already broken off.


Another iceberg with an inviting green hollow in the middle.


Half an hour into rolling down the hill. Dizziness must not kick in until you’re older…


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