Blown Away by Blow Me Down Provincial Park

Over the last several days the weather in Newfoundland has been sunny and hot! At first we didn’t know how to cope with this drastic change in temperature. Over the last month we have been used to wearing our winter hats and fleece jackets almost constantly. So, a few days ago when we found ourselves sitting in traffic in Corner Brook, Newfoundland with the temperature hitting 80 degrees we all got a bit hot and cranky. Luckily we were on our way west, back towards the coast and away from the crowds, to Blow Me Down Provincial Park.


The park and surrounding area reminded us all of Down East Maine with similar trees, wildflowers, and coves. We enjoyed camping for three nights in the well maintained provincial park campground. Every day we took advantage of a new hiking trail, some within the park and a few just a short drive away. However, the recent forest fire in Labrador caused a great deal of haze and we never got a clear view from any of the vistas along the trail. Fortunately the smoky conditions didn’t affect our view of the water and we all enjoyed watching Lion’s Mane Jellyfish off the rocks at the park beach and a Minkie whale swimming in Lark Harbour.


With the weather so warm the kids even donned their bathing suits for their first full Newfoundland ocean swim in the calm waters off Bottle Cove. All three had a good time splashing around until their legs started to go numb. Five String saved his swim for the cascading waterfall at the end of the Copper Mine hiking trail, which he claimed was still warmer than the ocean 🙂 Who knows tomorrow we might all be wearing our hats and jackets again but for now what a great time to be visiting Blow Me Down Provincial Park.



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