Louisbourg RV Park and Campground


Ever since we started planning our “Kids in Canada” trip this past spring, we knew a highlight of our trip would be the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site. It was hard to pass by this part of Cape Breton Island on our way to spot icebergs in Newfoundland, but as we took the return ferry this past week, we finally had the chance to set up camp near the largest historical reenactment in North America.

We originally planned on staying at Mira River Provincial Park, a large and beautiful campground about 15 minutes from the Fortress. However, we soon discovered our favorite sites would not be available for our week-long stay, and we realized the sheer size of the campground would making getting around cumbersome. We decided to drive into the town of Louisbourg itself and look for a place to camp there, and we are sure glad we did.


The Louisbourg RV Park and Campground turned to be exactly what we were looking for. Located in the heart of town right on the harbor and just minutes from the Fortress, it offered all the comforts we could hope for at a price significantly less than other campgrounds in the area. We were thrilled to find a site with a covered picnic shelter (a luxury we would have loved while camping in the rain at Acadia National Park this past May) and that all the sites can pick up the wireless internet (which made logging into our online jobs much, much easier).


Many other family-friendly features have made our week here a great one. In addition to bring able to use our electric skillet right at our site, the campground has a dish sink with hot, hot water (which also makes for great showers). There is also a fairly impressive playground right next door with plenty to keep the younger Fives happy for hours. We’ve also loved the enclosed gazebo, which has a microwave and plenty of space to spread out reading the many Sesame Street books available for guests.


In the end, it is all the small, unexpected discoveries that make the Louisbourg RV Park and Campground stand out. We’ve watched crab traps unloaded at the docks next to the campground, learned the story of the large tunnel right next to our site (first a passage for the coal train, then a fishermen’s museum, and now a tunnel open for car traffic), and heard live music filling our tent at night from the Louisbourg Playhouse right next door.

Finding out the story of the Motor Home Park itself was perhaps equally interesting and unexpected. It was formed and is still owned by the local small business association as a welcoming and affordable lodging option in town, an easy walk from all the local shops, restaurants, and attractions. All the profits from the camping season are then donated to support local children’s programs. Perhaps that is the most satisfying part of our experience: not only getting a great bargain but also knowing that it will end up helping a good cause.

The Fives Rating – 5 out of 5


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