Fired Up About Hydrants


Here we go again. We promised ourselves that our days of suddenly stopping the car to take pictures of random items on the side of the road were behind us after we spent weeks photographing trash bins in Newfoundland. Alas, I guess we just can’t help ourselves.

Staying a week in Louisbourg to explore the nearby fortress, we soon noticed the colorful fire hydrants that line the downtown district. We loved how they told the story of the town, from French soldiers protecting what was once one of the busiest ports in North America to the fishing tradition that is still alive today. One of the managers at the Louisbourg RV Park and Campground (where we camped for the week) explained the hydrants were only turned into sidewalk art just a year ago as part of a “Paint the Town Red” event.

While certainly pale in comparison to the historical experience offered by the spectacular Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, these hydrants provide a fascinating and functional peek into the past of one of our favorite spots we’ve visited so far in our travels.


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